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Today, Corporate Cybersecurity teams are facing some of their biggest challenges. The Threat Landscape continues to grow in complexity while at the same time there are Board level questions on the value being created and the true effectiveness of Cyber defenses. The Pandemic has significantly altered the way we work and created even greater strain on the overworked Cyber team. Now budget projections are being pushed back on in the face of pressing new Business priorities.

We at CyberMinds Consulting are completely familiar with this challenging situation after spending many years helping Firms navigate successful routes through this level of complexity. Our proven methodology quickly aligns the Business, Technology, and Cybersecurity teams to a small number of key Corporate mandates that embrace the twin goals of Revenue and Security. Our approach is a unique and refreshing experience that will inject passion and energy back into Corporate life.


Our mission is..

To strengthen corporate security posture through business-aligned cyber thinking

We partner with local communities to nurture next-generation cyber talent

We leverage proven frameworks and tools to deliver sustainable business resiliency across industries


Meet Our Team

The CyberMinds leadership team has decades of proven experience helping Corporates navigate successfully through complexity. We combine excellent Business, Architecture and Technology skills into our bespoke methodology to quickly deliver both the WHAT and HOW of pragmatic Cybersecurity Transformation planning


Benazeer Daruwalla
Founder & Principal Partner

Technology Executive with over 23 years of Architecture and Cybersecurity experience across the globe. My unique background has enabled me to become a trusted senior partner in driving effective cybersecurity, technology and business transformation programs; and facilitating a shared corporate dialog to solve complex business problems in an elegant and agile manner.

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Glenn Fitzgerald
Social Selling Advisor (Consultant)

I am a Social Selling Leader with 20+ years of experience in the use of the latest social selling skills to help create a team of top performing Professional Sellers. I am also a certified LinkedIn, FirstRain, Crystal+ and Social Selling Instructor.

Meet Our Interns

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Sanga Chang

Cyber Security (Consultant)

Thomas Aragaw HS.jpg

Thomas Aragaw

Cyber Security (Consultant)

Alysa Sides HS.jpeg

Alysa Sides

Marketing (Consultant)

Matthew Maxwell HS.png

Matthew Maxwell

Marketing (Consultant)

Acerlia Bennett HS.jpg

Acerlia Bennett

Marketing (Consultant)

Robert Chartier HS.jpeg

Robert Chartier

Cyber Security (Consultant)

Simran Jivani.jpg

Simran Jivani

Cyber Security (Consultant)

Abraam Girgis HS.JPG

Abraam Girgis

Cyber Security (Consultant)


"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

Albert Schweitzer


Our Expertise

Cyber Security Strategy

Creating a Cybersecurity strategy that remains alive and relevant to the business during these challenging times is one of the biggest conundrums facing CISO’s today. Our methodology ensures Revenue leaders and CISO teams can efficiently identify what is mission-critical to the Business and focuses on the true threats and risks that must be managed to keep the Business secure. We combine Business Architecture and Cyber Threat catalogs in a proven methodology that aligns all stakeholders on a common set of security goals.

Data Security

Your Company’s data is one of its most critical assets. Maintaining the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of this data is life or death for the Company. How can you effectively manage this challenge while facing the exponential proliferation of structured and unstructured Corporate data content? We at CyberMinds Consulting have lived your pain and will help you plot an efficient path to confidence in security through our ‘Data Democratization’ methodology.

Applied Cyber Risk Management

Ever felt like the Corporation cycles through endless discussions on theoretical risk posture and ultimately spends more time documenting and aging risk topics rather than remediating the actual issues? The CyberMinds Consulting ‘Applied Threat and Risk Management methodology and toolkit’ helps Cyber teams focus on real-world business-relevant threats and provides prescriptive guidance on the steps needed to effectively measure and mitigate risks within agreed tolerances.

Cloud Security

As Enterprises continue to modernize their workloads through the adoption of hybrid multi-cloud environments, they often find themselves at the cross-roads when making decisions around how best to secure them; whether to expand their current enterprise-class security investments to cloud, invest in cloud-born security capabilities and/or find a compromise between the two. While speed and reliability are becoming increasingly critical for business success, Cyber teams continue to play defense amid the evolving threats landscape, traditional best-of-breed security solutions mentality, cyber skills shortage and snail-paced security vendor roadmap rollouts. We, at CyberMinds Consulting, believe that CISO teams can seize this as a transformational opportunity by taking a fresh look at their security architecture blueprints & investments. CyberMinds Consulting can help contextualize your hybrid multi-cloud security plans so you can make smarter, quicker and actionable decisions when it comes to securing your digital workloads no matter where they reside.


Revitalize your Cybersecurity Strategy with Business Context

CyberMinds Consulting's proven, data-driven framework and context-driven methodology can improve the accuracy and confidence in firms' Cyber budget by securing the most crucial aspects of the business, first.

Getting the most out of Cyber Investments

When it comes to Cyber spend there's a fine line between too much and not enough. Without clear traceability to the business context and business value, where would you confidently draw the line?

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June 24th, 2021

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What can CyberMinds Consulting do for you?

2020 has become a nightmare year for the Corporate CISO in the face of increasing frequency and complexity across the threat landscape coupled with the unavoidable imposition of new ways of working triggered by the Coronavirus epidemic. It certainly doesn’t feel like a year without a lot of upside.
Give us a call. It might be the most important call of 2021.

CMC Giving Back program

CyberMinds Consulting has committed a percentage of revenue to programs that help local communities and people. We believe in providing proactive and sustained assistance.
CyberMinds Consulting has committed a percentage of revenue to programs that help local communities and people. We believe in providing proactive and sustained assistance.


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